UCB Workshops in Action: Bringing Improv to the Next Generation of Advertising Creatives

At UCB, some of our favorite workshops have been ones we’ve designed for young people. So we were thrilled this past August to work with D&AD, a British organization that’s probably best known for its creative excellence in design and advertising awards. A bigger part of D&AD’s mission involves nurturing new talent and making make the creative industries more diverse, fair and sustainable.  That’s why they started a program called New Blood and D&AD identified 15 unconventional creatives out of New York, all of whom did not go college and put them through a bootcamp with the goal of getting everyone placed at an agency. Part of the bootcamp involved coming to UCB and participating in an improv workshop.  Here are some photos from a memorable afternoon. And for more information about how to get involved with D&AD go to their site.  They are amazing.