How to Give a Mic Drop-Worthy Presentation, from UCB and The 4A's


If you haven't heard, we're offering five specialized workshops to members of The 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies). And we're beyond excited. The 4A’s has been an important resource for advertisers and marketers for a little over a century, giving us the perfect opportunity to provide both legacy agencies and newer firms with indispensable skills rooted in improv.

We worked closely with the 4A’s this past fall to develop these five workshops, all designed with agency culture and business objectives in mind. One of the first themes that came up in our early discussions was presenting and public speaking.  After all, agencies run on selling and executing  ideas. In a world where ideas are everything, being able to speak well and in a way that really connects with people, is all the more important.

Improv is an ideal tool to get people comfortable with public speaking and with being their themselves in front of a group. As improvisers, we're in a constant state of public speech. We create characters and scenes that are rooted in truth from our own personal experiences.  We also run four theaters (two in LA, two in New York), that each feature four shows every night of the week. And we work with organizations like Nike, Twitter and McKinsey on challenges around speaking in public, listening better and interacting with clients. So, we had a lot to draw from when designing a public speaking and presentation workshop with the 4A's. 

About the Workshop

We came up with the title How to Give a Mic Drop-Worthy Presentation. Let's take a look at some of the specifics. To give a mic drop-worthy presentation, you need to get out of your head, read the crowd and feel what they feel. You need to be prepped, but loose. You need to follow your gut, and not your nerves. (Again, luckily, we do this every night.)

In this workshop, we show agency professionals how to use improv tools to become stronger, connected, more compelling presenters. And it's not about being funny. It’s about trusting oneself – and creating an engaging, memorable experience for the audience.

Specifics of the workshop include:

  • How to listen like an improviser

  • How to read the room – and adapt accordingly

  • How to gain confidence with speaking off the cuff

  • Practical tools to reduce stress

  • Techniques for changing the energy in the room

  • How turn a problem or mistake into an opportunity when presenting

  • Techniques for better non-face-to-face communication (conference calls)

Does this sound like something that your agency or company might need? If so, give us a shout, or head over to The 4A's to learn more.