Agency Team Building With UCB & The 4A's


We've teamed up with The 4A's (American Association of Advertising Agencies) to bring their members five specialized workshops. We're excited to help enrich advertising professionals nationwide with skills that'll equip them to think faster on their feet and jump-start creativity in new ways. A few of these workshops focus on specific, essential skills like public speaking. But the benefits of improv extend to the very basics of employee-to-employee communication and collaboration. This is why we've developed a workshop specifically for team building -- for new teams as well as established teams in need of a shakeup. 

About the Workshop

To begin, we emphasize getting out of your head and listening properly. It's partly a matter of putting your plans and expectations to the side. The other half of the equation is actively agreeing with your collaborator -- the principle of Yes, And.  

As UCB improvisers, we've learned to agree in order to move forward and build our scenes and characters. Agreeing on everything may seem trickier in an office setting, but practicing Yes, And in a workshop helps to familiarize participants with the experience of honest, distraction-free communication and gives them a set of tools they can use to replicate that experience in their professional lives. And, last but not least, these tools allow participants to build trust and brainstorm better.

To recap, in this team building workshop we cover:

  • How to be a better listener
  • The creative power of Yes, And
  • How to build and convey trust with colleagues
  • The secret to stronger, richer, faster ideas

If this sounds like something your agency or company might need, shoot us a quick email, or head over the The 4A's to learn more.