The UCB Training Center Introduces UCB Academy


The UCB Training Center is at the center of all that we do -- our theaters, our original content, and of course, our workshops. As the country's only accredited improv and sketch writing school, we've offered a comprehensive curriculum encompassing introductory courses, deeper and more Advanced Study courses and everything in between.

Now, the Training Center has introduced a new segment of study: UCB Academy. It's exciting stuff, and we're excited to share it with you.

UCB Academy is a two-year conservatory-style program meant for a more committed level of improv study. Students who have completed our core improv program may audition in front of select Training Center faculty; admittance into the program allows students to enroll in more rigorous courses covering intense scene work, new improvisational forms, deeper study of the traditional Harold improv and an expanded focus on performing in front of audiences.

The benefits for our Training Center and its students are twofold. First, Advanced Study courses, previously restricted to students who are admitted by their instructors, are now more broadly available for students who have completed our core curriculum and are ready to expand their improvisational skill set. Second, the Academy program allows our instructors to dive right in with students who are ready and equipped with all the skills they need to commit to serious performance, enabling such students to get live experience without delay.

This new program is just one example of the many ways that we pioneer improv as a craft and as a form of study. As improv continues to grow in influence across comedy and media at large, so too does UCB remain at the forefront, fostering vital new talent and deepening the practice.

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