Better Storytelling with UCB and The 4A's

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Our five specialized workshops with The 4A's (American Association of Advertising Agencies) dig into the ways improv can uplift an agency's collaboration and creativity. Our Improv Basics session teaches participants to draw new ideas out of thin air, while our session on How to Give a Mic Drop-Worthy Presentation shows how improv can also help people do better work with a script, or notes, or slides. Our Better Storytelling workshop brings the best of both worlds, empowering participants to write their scripts as they speak, the way the best storytellers do.

About the Workshop

Advertising creative teams need to know how to tell a story well. To get there, the first step is knowing what story they're trying to tell. That first decision is the bedrock from which storytellers can make decisions on characters, scenes, and the story's general arc. In our workshops, participants learn from UCB comedians, who tell real and imagined stories on a regular basis. These instructors blend the more general framework of storytelling with our unique approach to heightening and exploring certain concepts within stories.

"Our storytelling teachers make such a fun environment for you to work on your own stories," says Chelsea Clarke, UCB head of training. "And that helps you internalize the logic and muscles of good storytelling. I'm always amazed by how wild and hilarious people's stories are -- and they usually start by saying, 'This might not be interesting, but...'"

Because the workshop is customizable, we can focus on storytelling for a number of purposes: pitching to clients, developing ads, even making small talk at networking events. 

The workshop typically covers:

  • How to find a brand’s story, connect with it and put a personal spin on it
  • How to draw from experience, brand philosophy and data for ideas
  • How to establish scenes, characters, story and arc
  • How to structure stories to heighten and explore core concepts
  • How to find the best beginning of the story

If this sounds like something your agency or company might need, shoot us a quick email, or head over to the The 4A's to learn more.