We Used Improv to Make a Video Game Character. You Can, Too

When it comes to the concepting stage of game development, collaboration is key. But it's not enough for teams to simply sit in a room and throw their ideas at each other. They have to agree on ideas in order to get somewhere -- otherwise, it's a contest, not a collaboration.

If you've taken an improv class or a workshop, you should be familiar with the concept of Yes, And. If you're not: Yes, And is the foundational principle of improv comedy, in which instant agreement on a premise is the starting point for building stories and characters.

To Yes, And your collaborator is to accept their contribution or suggestion and add to it. These additions result in fully formed concepts, characters, scenes -- you name it. It can be difficult to get teams to work together well, but language like Yes, And can be a huge boon to creative success. 

As an experiment we had a colleague team up with an illustrator to bring a new character to life with Yes, And.


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