Executive Storytelling with UCB: Unleashing the Power of Narrative

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Stories persuade, inspire, and define. Stories can shape a vision, change behavior, create momentum and even start a movement. Every great story is as much about the words as the emotion, and leaders need to know how to tell stories well. How do you do it? Where do you start?

UCB Executive Storytelling workshops break the process into two distinct steps. The first step is knowing what story you’re trying to tell. Is it a company narrative? A new product story? A personal career story? That first decision is the bedrock from which storytellers make decisions on the story’s important moments, its goal and the overall arc. As for the telling -- and how to connect with others -- you’ll learn from performers who tell real and imagined stories on a regular basis. Our instructors will not only help you master the classic art of storytelling, but show you how to be more comfortable, connected and persuasive.

This workshop can be customized to focus on storytelling for any number of purposes: pitching to clients, launching or revitalizing new products and brands, and even making small talk at networking events.

The workshop typically covers:

  • Better listening: Finding cues to start a story

  • Ways to build emotional connections

  • Being in the moment

  • How to establish conflict and arc

  • Putting a personal spin on a larger brand, division or product story

  • How to structure stories for maximum impact

  • Ways to create a culture of storytelling at your company

UCB executive storytelling workshops run for 2 hours and serve 10 people. If this sounds like something you or company might need, shoot us a quick email at sayhello@UCBindustries.com