5 Ways UCB Can Help Your Organization Have an Unforgettable Holiday Party

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Yes, it’s August and the holidays are a few months away. But if your job happens to involve planning your company’s holiday party, it’s never too early to start thinking about how to make this year’s holiday celebration the best ever. That’s where UCB comes in. Here are five ways we can help you have an amazing and truly memorable event.

1. Have UCB Do an Entire Show about Your Company

Imagine a UCB show all about your workplace and employees and corporate culture. We can make that happen. Our improv shows feature four performers who kick off the show by bringing a member of the audience on stage and interviewing them. The entire show is based on that interview. Picture our cast interviewing the president of your company or a beloved team member, or even a favorite client. It is guaranteed to be an unforgettable night. We can structure these custom UCB shows to run for an hour, 90 minutes or in two parts. Whatever works best for your event.

2.  Add a Celebrity to Your UCB Show

Some of the UCB comedians who regularly perform in our shows include Sasheer Zamata, Matt Besser, Nicole Byer, Horatio Sanz, Anthony Atamanuik, Zach Woods, Shannon O'Neill and Bobby Moynihan. It's something your team is unlikely to forget.

3. Use Our Space

We have five really wonderful spaces: two theaters in New York, two in Los Angeles, and a larger performance/party space in Los Angeles as well. We periodically rent these spaces for parties and special events. The theaters are ideal places to host your own company show and cocktail party.

4. Host an Improv Workshop at Your Holiday Party

Our improv workshops are ideal for breaking the ice and bringing teams together, making for a memorable holiday event. We can work with both small and large groups. A typical UCB workshop accommodates 20 individuals and runs for an 90 minutes to two hours. We can go shorter or longer, and we can add more people to the group with an extra instructor.

We can also do larger masterclass-style workshops for up to 500 individuals. This involves four instructors, ideally working from the stage. They have members of the audience break into groups for different exercises and also bring people on stage to demonstrate. These masterclasses typically run for 90 minutes to two hours -- but for a party, we can put together an event that works for 45 minutes to an hour.

5. Come to a UCB show as a holiday outing

At each of our theaters in New York City and in Los Angeles, we program four shows a night in each space. Attending a UCB show can make for a wonderful holiday outing. We have bars in all our theaters and offer group-discounted rates on tickets.

For more information on working with UCB over the hoidays contact SAYHELLO@UCBindustries.com.