What Clients Are Saying About Our Workshops

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At UCB we work with a wide array of organizations providing improv workshops that help with team building, collaboration, better listening, and thinking fast on your feet. Here’s what some recent clients have to say about working with UCB.

"It was AMAZING!!! The team was skeptical before we got there but everyone had a blast and there were tons of laughs! It was really perfect – thank you again and I will be sure to talk it up to other teams at Deloitte!" – Deloitte

“Every single member of our group was engaged for the entire workshop. That’s extraordinary. I’ve already recommended UCB workshops to my colleagues.” - Nike

"Please pass along my thanks to the team for an amazing time yesterday afternoon! All of our staff had a really great time and your team of instructors was awesome! I think I need to start going to some intro classes." - The New Yorker

"We just finished the training and it was AWESOME, so fun and such a great way to have the team think differently. Definitely want to do more!" - POPSUGAR

"Everyone had a fantastic time at UCB!  They were petrified when they heard at lunch they would be doing improv, truly their faces were blank if not anxious, and after the event they were all raving about the experience." -- WME Entertainment

"We are still laughing from your team’s session on Friday! But beyond being funny, they provided some tremendous training for our entire group. People raved about the session!" - Brunswick Group

"Associates quickly learned how to handle the anxiety of extemporaneous speech with a team consisting of an experienced lawyer and comedian. They also laughed a lot in the process — all for three points of CLE credit." - Labaton Sucharow

"The team had a great time at the training! Thanks again for all of your help. It was a great experience from start to finish." - Twilio

"This is a great program and I would use it again and again!" - Health.com

"They were each phenomenal instructors and having UCB with us was a real highlight for everyone at Edelman. Feedback has been great – the sessions were fun, full of energy and participation yet it also felt like something practical that we can take back to our day-to-day jobs." - Edelman

"The workshop was FANTASTIC!!! Everyone loved it and I think it really brought together the whole group. After the workshop, we could already feel the connectedness of the class which was great to see. I want to thank all of you and the facilitators for a job well done!" - McKinsey & Co

"The workshop was fantastic! Everyone had a lot of fun, and hopefully got a lot out of it. It was a great way to conclude our summit. " - Jukin Media

"The workshop was great! Chelsea was fantastic... Thanks again!" - Boston Consulting Group

"It was an amazing experience for our team-  one that I know will have a real impact in how we work and collaborate with each other. We are all improv converts now :-)So, again, thank you! I very much hope we have the chance to work with you and UCB again in the future." - PwC

"Everyone loved it. The best holiday party we had to date." - New York Cares

If your company is interested in having a UCB workshop, please contact David.Ma@UCBComedy.com.

Six Ways UCB'S Tools of Improv Help Organizations Achieve Specific Goals

At UCB, we offer improv workshops to corporations and nonprofits. We work with a wide range of organizations including Google, Nike, Ernst & Young, NYU, and many ad agencies. These organizations typically bring us in to help facilitate team building, collaboration, better listening and creativity. We also get brought in to help deal with specific challenges -- some highly unusual, others more traditional. Here’s a list of some recent tasks and issues organizations have asked us to address:

1. Giving Better Presentations

Most people don’t like speaking in public or getting up and giving presentations. Unfortunately, for many of us, doing so is an important part of our work lives. But we believe that, yes, it is possible to learn how to relax, follow your gut and give great presentations. In our presentation skills workshops, we show participants how to use improv tools to become stronger, more connected, more compelling presenters. We help people with:

  • Thinking faster on their feet
  • How to turn a problem or mistake into an opportunity when presenting
  • How to read a room and adapt accordingly
  • How to listen like an improviser
  • Practical tools for reducing stress


2. Prepping Non-Native English Speakers for Job Interviews:  

An Ivy League University’s business school recently asked us in to help their non-native English speakers prep for job interviews. We focused on helping these students become more comfortable with asking for clarification or expressing that they didn’t understand a question. Helping them become more relaxed, confident and able to go with the moment was key to successful and productive interviews.


3. Helping New Candidates with Campaigning Skills:

The tools of improv have direct applicability to running for office. Today we are working with a number of organizations including Eleanor’s Legacy, Annie’s List and End Citizens United. Our workshops for candidates focus on better listening, collaboration, and thinking fast on your feet. We also drill down on skills like how to read a room, change the energy in a crowd, field criticism and difficult questions, and better frame their personal narratives.

4. Improving Communication Among Residents and Patients

We’re seeing hospitals and patient care groups expressing interested in bringing UCB in for workshops. They see value in applying the tools of improv to everything, from how doctors and nurses listen to patients and convey information, to helping emergency teams read each others’ signals. Stay tuned to our blog for insights and updates as we move forward with this work.

5. Helping Conference Attendees Break the Ice

Our standard workshops serve 15-20 people, but we also offer Masterclasses, which are designed for larger groups up to 500. These are ideal for conferences, particularly at the beginning when lots of attendees don’t know each other. Our improv exercises are ideal for getting people to interact, have fun, forget their worries -- and connect with one another. We get people collaborating in a risk-free way right off the bat. Check out this article from AdWeek about a Masterclass we held at Accelerate, the American Association of Advertising Agencies' annual conference.


6. Guiding Teams Away from Stubbornness

A tech client reached out to us because individuals on his team needed to collaborate better. When working on complex projects, their stubbornness was getting in the way. He saw that many of his team members were not good at listening or seeing the possibilities in others' ideas. Our client was facing a situation where everyone on his team would walk into a meeting thinking they had the best possible idea and would be unwilling to accept anyone else’s ideas, or even work with one another. Our exercises helped this group see the big picture and experience firsthand the value of what it means to truly listen.

7. Better Brainstorming  

This is something we typically do with ad agencies; they’re in the business of both generating and executing creative ideas. They bring us in to add value to the ideation process.

We usually do this in two ways. Our half-day UCB Brainstorming Intensive is structured as a writers’-room roundtable. An agency typically brings three to five creative professionals to the table; we provide three to four writers/comedians and a UCB moderator to run the session. A full-day UCB Brainstorming Intensive includes improv workshops where we use improv exercises and techniques to solve for the creative challenge or question. We then move to a roundtable format to continue generating, evaluating and building out ideas.  

If you have a specific challenge and need help with your team, let us know. We’d love to talk to you about how improv can help. Get in touch at SayHello@UCBindustries.com.