The Art of Sketch: UCB Writing Workshop

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Is your team charged with making short form digital content? Are they good writers with solid ideas but lack a foundation in writing scenes or stories? You can give your creative team and edge with a UCB Sketch Writing Workshop.

UCB has trained writers and comedians who have gone on to write for and run some of the most beloved and iconic shows out there including: SNL, Broad City, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, The Office, The Daily Show and many more.  This workshop writers and creative teams to the basics of how to write comedic sketches, including finding the “game” of your sketch and writing in different formats (commercial parody, topical, etc).

What we’ll cover:

·      Fundamental tools for writing sketch

·      How to brainstorm for sketch

·      Mining behavior, experiences and observations for comedy

·      How to work with a writing partner

·      Pacing, punchlines and story arc

Workshop Structure

The UCB Sketch Writing Workshop is highly interactive and combines both improv and writing exercises to immerse agency creatives in the fundamentals of sketch writing.  The workshop typically runs a half day with 2-3 UCB instructors. Maximum participants: 20.

If you’d like to book this workshop, please reach out to Natasha Krause at